I heard the advertisement for Fast Braces for KDHC. I saw Chris and he told me they could help me with my problem teeth. I had the Fast Braces for approximately 8 months, which passed quite quickly. All the way through I was reassured by Chris and the dental nurses. I’m so glad I had the fast braces now. It’s made a difference to my personality. If you need fast braces this is the place to go.


It was probably less than a couple of decades ago that a visit to the dentist automatically filled one with fear and dread…and I do believe that there are still some who continue to find the whole ‘dental experience’, nerve-racking! Unfortunately, in some dental practices, the aim for professionalism sadly inhibits displays of genuine caring from the staff, even though each patient is an individual, with specific requirements within their dental care. Not so with Killay Dental Health Centre – for me, it ‘ticks all the boxes!’
It provides me with the constant reassurance that I’m receiving the most up-to-date advice on being free of dental decay, gum disease and oral disease of any greater magnitude. Absence of tooth pain, discomfort or loss is the regular aim on my behalf. As a former nurse who just happens to have a chronic illness, all my additional concerns are respected by all staff. I have a ‘dental appointment’ but the ‘bigger picture’ of my holistic health is strongly observed. I constantly witness observation of high standards of hygiene practices, removing a modern-day concern of potentially serious cross-infection. I know that I am free to ask questions and will receive well-informed replies regarding any aspect of my dental care.

I cannot possibly single out specific members of staff for well-earned praise – from dentists, Chris Davison and Nicola Pinnock to Dental Hygienists, Care Nurse Councillors, Dental Nurses and multi-tasking Receptionist, Portia Edwards – ALL provide an excellent standard of care….if it’s information on the latest pain-free local dental anaesthetic or a mug of hot, sweet tea, on the rare occasion I felt faint after a lengthy consultation, in the modern vernacular, it’s ‘Not a problem!

Most Sincerely!

Paulette L. Pelosi

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