Root Canal Treatment

Worried about having a root canal treatment? No need to be, as here at Killay Dental Health Centre we are very keen on changing people’s opinions on root canal fillings and making them as comfortable as possible. A root canal treatment is often a last attempt to save a tooth that’s nerve is dying or has already died off. Symptoms of nerve death include sensitivity to hot and cold, swelling, pain when biting on the tooth or discoloration of the tooth. It is also possible that the pain may radiate and surrounding gums may feel tender. However, the problem can sometimes show no signs or symptoms at all.

The root canal treatment involves removing the pulp tissues from the tooth and replaces them with a rubber material filling to allow the tooth to still function as normal, in relation to the functioning surrounding tissues.
At our practice, we used an endodontic ha
nd-piece to remove the pulp, which exerts a lower force to remove the pulp, making the procedure more comfortable when compared to the other way of doing it using hand files to remove the pulp tissue. We then use hydrogen peroxide to clean away what remains and to sterilise the pulp chamber.

After the nerve has been removed and the filling material has been placed, we always use a flowable composite to seal over the root filling in order to stop bacteria getting into the tooth, whereas others may use a non-bondable material, for example amalgam, which won’t seal enough to stop bacteria from getting down the side of the filling, which, should the root canal fail, is usually the reason why.

Our dentist will usually take a routine x-ray 6 months after the root canal treatment has been performed in order to check that it still looks fine and that the bone underneath is healing properly.

As the tooth is anaesthetised during treatment, we often recommend that our patients take a painkiller, the same as you would normally take for a headache, after the treatment has finished so that it will be working at its peak when the anaesthetic wears off, therefore meaning you won’t be in too much discomfort.

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