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fastbraces-logoWhy Fastbraces® ?

Are you confident about your smile? Do you think it’s too late to straighten your teeth? Do you think all braces are painful? Here at Killay Dental Health, we are a certified provider of ‘Fastbraces’ – a fast, non-extraction based orthodontic technology that can straighten teeth in weeks, not years, and it’s all down to playing tricks on your teeth! Fastbraces are an affordable treatment suitable for all ages. Our Dentist, Christopher Davison is a ‘Masters Affiliate’, which recognises his success in Frastbraces Orthodontics.

certified provider of fastbraces

Our Fastbraces® Gallery

Please see below for a gallery of patients to show how fast braces works.
The cases usually take 8-15 months to complete the treatment, and this is without the need for extraction.
The fast brace system allows bone to grow to help you get the smile you have always wanted.

Case 01

Case 02

Case 03

Case 04

Case 05

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